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Painting an Armoire for the Yellow and Gray Bedroom

We have an armoire that has been around for 28 of our 30 married years. It started life as unassembled, unfinished pine furniture we bought when our sweet daughter joined the family. It then moved into the boy’s room when he decided to join us four years later. It has had some rough treatment over those years. A few years ago the social planner and her husband needed a place for their tv at their lake house so it moved in with them for a while. I really had no plans to ever get it back but the social planner sold their lake house in preparation for the permanent move they will be making to Coldspring. They brought the armoire back to us about a month ago. I immediately thought it needed to be part of the yellow and gray bedroom. It was small, solid wood, and most importantly, FREE. It came back painted red over blue with fish knobs.
I decided it needed to be painted black and I wanted it to have a little moulding added.
I found some 70’s hardware at a resale shop for $4.00 but it needed to be jazzed up. I painted it silver but that was a bit bright for the room so it got a glaze to tone it down.
I read in Mandy’s (Altard) e book that her favorite black is chalkboard paint. That was a great suggestion because I already had some to use at no cost. Yeah!

I think it turned out great and it is going to become a craft cabinet as soon as I can work on the guts. I have a rescued bulletin board and dry erase that will be going into the inside panels of the doors. I just need to finish the room and get the rest of the house cleaned up for the holidays.
By the end of next weekend I should have the room finished except the curtain on the window. Thanks to Pinterest, I know what I want but it looks like I have to make it because I can’t find it. I did get a lot done this weekend