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Meet Fat Max

DIY Ladies, have I got a “guy” you need in your life. No, I am not talking about my Hubby. You have to find your own handy husband. I am talking about Fat Max by Stanley.  Remember, I do not get paid by anyone to talk about their products so it has to be good for me to talk about it. Okay he is not a guy, he is a toolbox. Seriously, if you are like me and have to work in less than ideal locations ( like the back porch) at our house you need to get one of these bad boys. They roll, are easy to use and open, and they hold a ton. 20140726-161343-58423351.jpg   Here it is opened up. fat max Closed and ready to roll.  The handle pulls up just like a suitcase in the back. There is a funny story behind my pair of Fat Maxes. Yep. I have two, I did not plan on getting two. My husband took me to Home Depot recently to look at one. I was so happy that he felt I needed my own tool box. In our family a toolbox is a rite of passage. To me it meant he thought I was serious about repurposing furniture. That makes me happy, and a little scared. I am not always sure I am serious about what I do and frankly I am plagued with self doubt on every single project. But, back to Fax Max and the story. At Home Depot, we checked out Fax Max and I knew it would work well. To the left of the floor model was a box with a picture of Max on it. We took the box to the front checkout. The box was opened and Max was scanned. Only when we opened the box again at the lake house did we discover that there were two. We were shocked and planned on returning the extra as soon as we got home. The only problem with that plan was that by the end of the weekend I knew we would be keeping both; one for the lake house, one for the suburban house. Convincing Home Depot that we wanted to pay for the extra Fat Max turned out to be tricky but we convinced them that we paid for one and got home with two and had decided to keep the extra. At the lake house the chest is filled with three sanders, sand paper, basic tools like a hammer, pliers, screw drivers, drill bits, stains, and containers of screws. It allows me to roll everything out on the porch at the Garagemahal.  I do a lot more construction type work at the Garagemahal than I do in the burbs. At our suburban house it is my mobile paint and prep shop. My sanders, brushes, Citristrip, scapers, paint tape, clean rags, stir sticks, paint openers, empty jars, and the paints I am currently using are all stored inside along with a container to keep the hardware to the piece being worked on together. 20140727-132931-48571349.jpg 20140727-131749-47869787.jpg I love that it slides open, it rolls, and has divided containers to keep all my mess separated. 20140727-132811-48491824.jpg I can easily move the tools by myself from the garage to the driveway or back porch when I get the urge to paint something. Everyone is happier here with my new set up. The night I got Fat Max, there was a crime scene on the news and guess what the CSI folks were dragging into the site… Fat Max.  He really gets around.