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Not Everything You See On Pinterest Works- The Coral Legged Side Tables

Our very last night in Baytown, our former home, Hubby showed me how much he loves me… he spotted some side tables sitting by the road and pulled over then turned around to pick them up without even asking. Sigh. I do love that guy. We were moving the next day and that was something else to load into the storage building but they will always have a special meaning to me.

Here are the beauties getting unloaded by Hubby and Sweet Amanda.

coral2         coral     IMG_2603

The tables turned out to be solid wood and in great shape structurally. The only problem I had with them was a water ring that was revealed when the tops were sanded down to bare wood.



This leads me to the not everything you read on Pinterest is true part. A visit to Pinterest led me to believe that allowing bleach to soak into the stain would help. Not so. Here is the stain before bleach and after. More sanding and washing. Did not help.





The ring wins. The tables are going in the sage green bedroom where shades of white and coral. I love colors across the color wheel and it just so happens that sage and coral compliment each other! It took a few coats of stain, a few costs of paint and two costs of poly to get this done.




Look at this creepy spider that was hiding in the crevice of one of the legs!





Won’t they look good with the dresser set? They will be so cute in the room.

I will have to show you my project with the other part of the roadside fond later. Don’t you love the hooves on the end table?