The City House

Deciding Where to Live and Moving On

A short while ago I told you all that I was accepting a job at a new school district and would be opening a new Early College High School. This new position meant that I would be leaving the district that I had worked in for 22 of the last 24 years. Since that time our world has been turned upside down. At least once every day I wonder what in the world I am thinking. At least twice every day something happens to convince me that this move to the new job is really a part of God’s plan for my husband and me. I have cried, laughed, I have been excited, scared, and invigorated. I took on this challenge and thankfully my husband has taken it on with me. He still is not sure what the future holds for his career and he has been thrown into very uncomfortable territory by me. We are both grieving a little. Yes, grieving. Another chapter in our lives is closing. I know you are probably thinking how silly! We (I) chose to accept a new job, sell our house, and embark on this adventure. Our home sold before it was even on the market for full asking price, I am enjoying my new job, and the area we are moving to is undergoing a radical change that is going to be exciting to be a part of. Even with all that, change is hard. We are leaving all things familiar. We don’t even have an address to forward our mail to yet. ( We never had a mailbox put up at the lake house!) We are leaving friends, doctors, stores, church…

We are also learning how to use technology to help us hunt for homes. We are now able to sign documents electronically. We have a real estate app on our phones that magically shows us all the homes for sale in a specific area along with all the information we need, It amazes me! (HAR), We can check the status of our loan online. It all seems a little like sorcery to me but I sure do enjoy it.

We are going to be leaving for the big event- The Southern Belle and Big Cat’s wedding, Wednesday. Baby Boy and Sweet Amanda are driving out some treasures while us old folk fly to the event. I hope I do not bore you with wedding stuff but we are sooo excited. Please bear with me as I share the big event with you. The Southern kids have planned such a unique wedding that is going to be a beautiful event.

When we return the moving begins in earnest.

In case you are wondering, I a still getting projects to do. I got four amazing chairs for $30.00 this weekend. I already see them redone in my head. I also got this chair from an abandoned house thanks to my dad. I told Hubby at least it will be easy to store!