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It Could Be Worse Guys, You Could Be Married To Me

When you want to shake your head at what your wife, or husband drags home, I want you to have a picture of this in your mind…


This is my garage today after a weekend of both curbside finds and garage sale purchases. Sorry, Hubby, but it really is only temporary…I promise. I really do know we are trying to sell the house.

Here is what I found, bought and collected and where it will go.

I got this mirror along with the china cabinet. I paid $50.00 for both. The mirror is going to become a chalkboard for announcements in my office. The mirror frame will be painted “Innocence”, glazed and distressed. The barley twist stand will be left alone.

The china cabinet is going in my office. It will replace my book cases.
I got nothin’ to say about the pink chair. It was a roadside find. Anyone want it? I will even paint it if you want it to be a different color.


The chairs are going to my office. I really need them. They were $5.00 each. 4 chairs for $20.00. Oh! They threw in some cabinet hardware too. I am using some of it on a special project for a friend.
The headboard is a project the Hubby is going to work on. He has a great idea what to do with it so I am excited to see what he is going to do with it.


I paid $2.00 for this beauty. I am going to try Mandie at Altar’d ‘s method for tarnished silver on this. If I like it, I know who gets it…

Finally, the drawers and doors are from a GREAT neighbor who saved them for me. I already have a few ideas.20130422-185744.jpg

The dresser drawers are all that can be saved from this one, but the drawer fronts and hardware will be used!

See… It could be worse, you could be married to me!