Confessions of a Neurotic Furniture Repurposer


Here is the deal. I am selling stuff that won’t work in our new house. Most of what I am selling is at garage sale prices. I have heard from some of my blogger friends that I need to stop selling my painted work so cheap, but I do what I do for fun. One of the pieces I sold super cheap was a chalkboard painted armoire. It has been around the block a time or three. My plan was to turn the inside into my craft closet but it hadn’t happened yet when the big move started to commence. The outside of the cabinet was cute. I loved the vintage hardware spay painted silver, the funky moulding that hubby put on the front of the doors and the whole vibe of the piece.

chalkboard painted armoire
I sold it to a youngster who is getting married for her new home. I laid awake the night it sold thinking about how ugly the inside looked.  It was just not finished.
The next morning when I should have been packing I actually untaped my craft box, dug out fabric, batting, wire, my staple gun and got busy while hubby was making a trip to the storage unit. On one side of the door I always saw a picture/idea hanger side and a white board/bulletin board side.
While hubby was gone I cut the fabric stapled the batting to the door and got busy with the fabric. In my haste to finish when I should have been packing, I turned the stapler around backwards. I actually managed to staple my tummy.

Yep. I stapled my very own body with a staple gun. It hurt! Hubby doesn’t know so don’t tell him, please! I applied antibiotic cream then got back to work.

When Hubby got home he was impressed with my effort and attached the white board and cork board to the other side with no complaint. He even went to get a can of spray paint for me while he was out.  I spray painted the inside ( it could use another coat but it almost looks good).

It is not exactly my vision, but it is closer.

Here is the inside of the cabinet.

IMG_2591 craft cabinet

I really am pretty neurotic when it comes to my furniture. But, isn’t admitting you have a problem the first step? Those of you who want to show your husbands/ significant other that it could be worse, you could be like me, feel free to show him/ her this post. They will be thankful that you are not as far out the crazy scale as you could be.

What to do With my Furniture


Weeeelllll….keep your fingers crossed for us. We submitted an offer on this beauty today.

I know.
Pretty huh? I so hope this is the house for us. Hardwood floors, slate porches front and back, a barrel ceiling entry way that is calling out to be lined with reclaimed wood, a huge, beautiful kitchen… The list goes on and on.

But if this is our home, I have a problem. Some of my furniture is not going to fit and others just won’t make sense in this very rustic, Texas style, home. Remember that our City House was a 1979 Brady Bunch style home with soaring ceilings and funky angles. My bright rug and living room art won’t work, and my yellow night stands won’t fit the way the guest room is configured. Hardest of all, the mudroom bench may not fit in the entry way. It will be tough getting rid of things that I have an emotional attachment to, but more stressful for me is what to do with these beloved pieces. I will have to sell it in order to buy or make things that will fit. I have not sold any of my furniture before and I may have a hard time pricing it. I am going to need help on this part from those of you who do sell your work!

On the bright side, I will need a ton of new stuff that I look forward to collecting and creating…if we get the home.

Fingers crossed. There may be some thrifting, resale shopping and garage sales in my future!

Deciding Where to Live and Moving On

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A short while ago I told you all that I was accepting a job at a new school district and would be opening a new Early College High School. This new position meant that I would be leaving the district that I had worked in for 22 of the last 24 years. Since that time our world has been turned upside down. At least once every day I wonder what in the world I am thinking. At least twice every day something happens to convince me that this move to the new job is really a part of God’s plan for my husband and me. I have cried, laughed, I have been excited, scared, and invigorated. I took on this challenge and thankfully my husband has taken it on with me. He still is not sure what the future holds for his career and he has been thrown into very uncomfortable territory by me. We are both grieving a little. Yes, grieving. Another chapter in our lives is closing. I know you are probably thinking how silly! We (I) chose to accept a new job, sell our house, and embark on this adventure. Our home sold before it was even on the market for full asking price, I am enjoying my new job, and the area we are moving to is undergoing a radical change that is going to be exciting to be a part of. Even with all that, change is hard. We are leaving all things familiar. We don’t even have an address to forward our mail to yet. ( We never had a mailbox put up at the lake house!) We are leaving friends, doctors, stores, church…

We are also learning how to use technology to help us hunt for homes. We are now able to sign documents electronically. We have a real estate app on our phones that magically shows us all the homes for sale in a specific area along with all the information we need, It amazes me! (HAR), We can check the status of our loan online. It all seems a little like sorcery to me but I sure do enjoy it.

We are going to be leaving for the big event- The Southern Belle and Big Cat’s wedding, Wednesday. Baby Boy and Sweet Amanda are driving out some treasures while us old folk fly to the event. I hope I do not bore you with wedding stuff but we are sooo excited. Please bear with me as I share the big event with you. The Southern kids have planned such a unique wedding that is going to be a beautiful event.

When we return the moving begins in earnest.

In case you are wondering, I a still getting projects to do. I got four amazing chairs for $30.00 this weekend. I already see them redone in my head. I also got this chair from an abandoned house thanks to my dad. I told Hubby at least it will be easy to store!


Home Update

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Well here is a short update on the wedding,moving, home buying,home selling front.
Less than 6 days until the wedding. We are so excited. I have a few wedding projects to show after the wedding, but not before the big event.

The City House is really sold. The home buyers sold their home almost immediately. We will be out of our house June 21.

We have started the loan process. What a pain.

No new home on the horizon. We have looked at 6 houses but none of the sang to me. After the wedding we are going to get serious but the reality is that we will be moving a bunch into storage and living at Star Hill temporarily.

I just have to believe the perfect home is out there waiting for us.

Moving Update and BIG NEWS

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I started this post Monday and By George, I want to post it. Just read to the bottom where the big news is located, pretty please.

Well we have bee making steady progress on the City House as we prepare to move. We have lived in the same house for 14 years and it is amazing to me the things that we just ignored since moving in or put on the back burner when we were doing projects. I told my husband we should call this our 85% house because it seems we finish every project about 85% of the way before we lose interest or move on to another project. It has caught up with us now because all those “mostly finished” or “gonna get to one day” projects have to be done before we can start showing the home for sale. With my drive to the new job most of the work has fallen onto Hubby. So far he has replaced some Sheetrock that was damaged before we ever moved in, he has painted the garage, which had literally not been done since the home was built, and replaced leaking faucets outside. (zthe backyard in the afternoon


connecting the plumbing


He re-caulked the bathtub in one bath, fixed works in one of the toilets, cleaned up the back yard, painted some trim that had never been painted, and fixed a light switch. We have trimmed and weeded the flower beds, installed granite counter tops in all three bathrooms and spruced up the side yard. This week Baby Boy helped to move excess furniture and boxes to storage. I thought we would get the house on the market by Memorial Day… But I have big news. Giant news.

A friend came over to look at our home a few weeks ago. It was not a good fit for her family because she wants a big back yard, but she did like the house and told some of her friends at book club. One of them was interested and came over to look at the house.

They loved our house as much as we have. They want to buy our house! Yay. Double yay. No realtors’ comission, no keeping the house show ready for months, no worrying about the pets when the house is being shown. The couple have their house currently on the market so keep your fingers and toes crossed that this will all work out. If their home has not sold by end of July they are planning to lease their home and purchase ours anyway. Amazing right? I SURE THINK SO. Now back to my brag about how nice the city house looks in preparation for getting it on the market. Here are the photos of the clean house that should have followed the work pictures. Hooray for storage buildings. You can jam a lot of stuff in a 10 X 10 storage unit when Mr. Master Packer (aka Hubby) is packing it.

Oh! My friend who visited the house gets the pink chair I rescued from the trash as her commission. When she finds another home I have something else in store for her… she will just have to wait.

















And this is how the house looked the day before the housekeeper comes! Yippee!

Getting The Backyard Sale Ready

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Our city home is on a funny lot. We have a great big corner lot with established trees and a huge side yard but our back yard is a narrow L shaped space. This lack of a private back yard has not been a problem for us. This is a front yard neighborhood. We hang out with our neighbors, their kids and grandkids. We have watched them practice baseball, walk to the bus stop, learn to ride bikes and even learn to drive. Years ago Hubby, the kids, and I put in a rock walkway and flower beds back there along with a pergola. The rock we chose did not hold up well, sooo out it had to come. The flower beds haven’t had the care they needed the past two years so they were a weedy mess. Hubby has done all the work up to today, but I have been recruited, drafted, enslaved to get the back yard finished up and ready for its close up inspection.


Yep. This weedy mess was our backyard.



Don’t judge us. We work a lot of hours. I know, it is pretty gross right?

Step 1- power washing the concrete. We were able to borrow a power washer which saved us a ton and allowed us to use it in stages as needed. It is amazing how much better the concrete looks clean.


It was too icky for me to even be outside. I had to wash the windows when he was done.

Step 2– lay down landscape fabric under the path. This really does help keep the weeds out and in the sub-tropical climate we live in weeds are ever present.

Step 3– the heavy lifting. Moving 700 lbs of flagstone and 2 yards of crushed granite, adding sand under the rocks as needed to level them. This took a while. Hubby sprayed down the house with a pump up sprayer full of diluted bleach to kill the mildew on the siding while we took a break for lunch. There was some yelling during this point. We were both hot and tired. 87 degrees in March.

Step 4– Power washing the siding and laying a tarp down on the path to throw the weeds on. We then weeded the beds. It looks better already, but by this time the dirt yard was closed. Hubby had to get mulch after work Monday.


Step 5-adding some color, cleaning the windows and sprucing up. We have a borrowed bistro set in the back yard. It got the power wash treatment along with everything else. I added a tough hanging basket that should survive our neglect and new plants to the wall hanger along with a few annual plants are all we are doing because we are afraid of the upkeep right now. The two chairs where the kitchen patio is we’re faded so they got spray painted turquoise fusion paint. A metal table from the hoard, a chandelier I bought on clearance last year and some votive candle stakes added a little more interest.

Here is the almost finished project. We still need to add in annual plants to the beds. What do you think? I wish we had done this sooner so we could have enjoyed it more. We will be getting colorful plants once the wind dies down.

1-IMG_1378 1-IMG_1386 1-IMG_1388 1-IMG_1377

House Hunting Version 1

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Well, we saw several homes on our first real estate adventure. I am not sure we found our home but we definitely ruled some out and have a better idea of the area we want to live.

Our first stop was a definite no. I LOVED the home but, it was way out in the boonies, next to a power line, and smelled like cows. Nope.



The next stop is a definite maybe. I liked the look of the house, the neighborhood was fine and their was an empty lot next door that is for sale so Hubby could potentially have the full acre he wants.


Next, we went to another home in the same neighborhood that is under construction. I would have input in the color etc. but I really did not like the style of the home. It was a very formal and more fancy than we are.


The next home was cute as could be, had a great lay out and was a real deal


That was what we thought until we discovered there was major foundation issues. Too bad.

Our final stop was to show Hubby what was out there with acreage. It sat on 5 acres.


A definite no.

It did inspire me to get my home ready to sale. I think we will have it ready to go soon.

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