Clearing out The Shop

In order to get our flooring done in our house, I need to clear the shop so that we have a place to move our furniture. Clearing the shop means all of those ” I’ll get to it one day” projects have to either get sold as is, or finally get done. I just couldn’t let this one go as is.

It is an Ethan Allen end table probably from the 80’s. A friend called to let me know she had a bunch of small tables that a renter left behind.

This beauty was just waiting to find her way back. She was just waiting for a facelift. I found the perfect gray color in the oops bin at Home Depot for $8.00. You may see this particular color again. I have two more end tables needing love.

First I scraped and sanded the roughest spots and spray painted with metal paint the hardware a soft gold. The first coat of paint was was rough.

I was worried but she turned out beautiful. She sold on marketplace in 12 minutes. I am so happy to see her go to someone who is excited to have her in her home.

It feels good to have my paint clothes back on.

Happy January!

I would love hear from you.


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Project Update

I apologize for ignoring you all so long. I have been crazy busy at work and I have been steadily working on furniture at home but nothing spectacular. By spectacular I mean that mainly I have been painting end tables (four of them) and finally finished my third sewing cabinet to beverage station. It has been hard work, and very satisfying, but I know that most of you will not be that interested. It feels sort of been there, done that. I have already told you all how I paint stuff and walked you through the process of turning a sewing cabinet into a beverage station. Here are some pictures of the current work:


The color is Behr Intoxication. It is a bright kiwi color, but the photos look Limey.




If you want the DIY on this project, here it is Beverage Station

I was given an antique wash stand that was in pretty rough shape. Here it is after I already stripped the top.


Silly me. I don’t have my picture from when we brought it home. This is going to be a gift for a friend.

My friend chose yellow for the washstand. I chose Behr Bicycle Yellow.

Here is the remade version.



I am also working on another mid century modern piece. The headboard will go with night stand that is done and upcoming dresser.

Here is the night stand.


The headboard is going to be a mix of sea salt white and stain just like the night stand.

So far I have it sanded, painted, and ready for stain… Once I finish cleaning up the places where it bled under the tape. Grrr.



This week I will have a couple of projects completed that are fun, easy and a little different. I am picking up some fun stuff tonight and will have to ask your opinion on one of the projects.

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the warmer weather.



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The Finished Side Tables

I know that our bedroom at Star Hill will not be started until summer because we are just neck deep in projects right now, but, we did get the wood for the wall already. It now sits in my hoard woodpile behind the GarageMahal waiting for duty. Hubby found it on Craig’s List. He did have to remove a ton of nails, but the wood looks great.


We worked frantically to get the Garagemahal cleared this weekend so that we have room for the big project that is coming. That meant that I knocked out the side tables that had been stacked in the Garagemahal waiting to be loved. They are late 1970’s Ethan Allen entertainment center components with a large drawer and have doors that look like shutters but they are solid. I know the age because my brother and sister in law had this very furniture when Hubby and I started dating. I loved them even back then! I bought three pieces of the furniture at my favorite resale shop for more than I normally spend because I loved the cottage look and I knew that they would be perfect for our bedroom. I still have one piece that I am waiting for inspiration to strike before I do anything to it. The side tables are going to be a huge step up at our house with regard to the amount of storage we are going to have and up the cool factor! The giant less than awesome headboard is coming out and going to the front guest room. An old door is going to be the headboard in our bedroom and the walls are going to be weathered cedar planks. We are going to build shelves into the wall for my milk glass. I am sooo excited.

I selected a color call Lunar Rock by Pantone for cabinets it is a soft gray that is almost white. I will be honest and tell you I was not the biggest fan of the Pantone paint. I like the color but the quality of the paint is just not as good as Behr premium. I really am a paint snob now. I love the weathered look these pieces got. Good Ole Revival Mahogany and Behr Faux finish mixed 1 cup glaze to less than 1/4 cup paint. They are going to fit right in to the bedroom!

side tables 3

The cabinets were painted, glazed with my glaze mix using revival mahogany and the tops were stained with a color called Pine Cone. (How appropriate for a home in the Piney Woods!)

side tables 4

Three coats of Poly later and this is what the beauties look like! They are going to be so nice in the bedroom.

side tables 2

side tables

side tables 5