A Trip to Magnolia Market

As a Fixer Upper fan, I have wanted to go to Magnolia Market since it opened. We made a trip to Waco on Good Friday. My buddy, The Social Planner, her husband, and Mr. Math all agreed to head out early ( 6:00 am) to be at Magnolia Market when it opened. We actually arrived about 15 minutes after opening because we made two stops on the way… Buc-ee’s and Woody’s Smoke House in Centerville. We just can’t seem to pass up those spots.

Because we went on a holiday, I can’t tell you if the crowd was normal, heavy or light. What I can tell you is that there were a lot of people in this space, but it wasn’t overwhelming.

The photo above is the room that you walk into from the front door. The morning light was amazing in the space.

Connected to the front room is a large back space that is really cool. I get the feeling that this space is going to be expanded as the shop evolves. The walls are super cool ship lap temporary walls that can be moved as they expand.

I did tell you that there were a lot of folks there, right?

I loved the way that items were displayed in the shop. You can really see Jo Anna Gaines’ hand in the design.

I am in love with that green glass. It was a little out of my comfort zone price wise, but I will be looking for some green glass.

I loved the faux fireplace and the book wall as you enter the shop. It was so cool. “Be a Blessing.”

Oh my goodness, that zinc sink. This working sink is part of the display to sell their line of soap products. They smelled so good.

I am definitely going to have to copy the hanging shelf idea for my potting shed that will be done this summer.

Who remembers macramé? I sure do.

Tulips were the silk flower of the day. They had the stems in four colors.

The exterior of the market is fun, but I could tell it was still a work in progress.

The Astro Turf lawn was packed with kiddos. There was corn hole, soccer (with flip flop goals) and cartwheels all taking place at one time.

The Silos are huge and rustic but not in use yet. I heard that the plan is to open them for local vendors inside once they are finished up on the inside. That will be so cool.

There is a stage right off the silos that will be getting a lot of use, I guess as they bring in performers.

The sign is cool.

There is a garden spot with what I guess is going to be a plant and outdoor shop opening soon. The garden is fun to walk through. I like the wooden teepee frame with mushrooms made out of logs. I can’t wait to see what all they do in this spot. World Hunger Relief is getting featured.

The food trucks that line the perimeter are a bonus, too. Our buddies got a pizza, we shared a crepe (blackberry cream cheese yumminess).

They pump out a lot of crepes from that teeny tiny trailer.

We are SOOO going to build our own picnic tables and benches I loved how sturdy they were and comfortable.

The dog biscuits on the bench cracked me up when I was going through the photos. I don’t even remember a dog being there, I was so focused on the benches.

All in all, we had a fun time, beautiful weather, and a great adventure.

Here are the treasures we picked up at Magnolia Market:

I bought this beautiful table cloth. It is made of rough cotton and has the feel of a feed sack.

I got this mail organizer, too. We did not have a good place for all of our incoming mail and for bills to hang out until paid. Now we do.

My buddy, The Social Planner, got these awesome pieces.

This pitcher was her first selection. Only the pitcher and not the bowl behind it. She collects enamelware.


These awesome candlesticks were are great purchase. They are turned metal.

This double galvanized bucket that will be used for utensils and napkins.

These salt and pepper shakers. I love the beaded glass for the shakers.

Her table is beautiful this spring.

I tweeted this photo to @magnoliamarket and @chippergaines while we were at the market. Chip retweeted it.

The staff was very helpful. In fact this fellow wanted us to know it was the last galvanized pedestal stand before he put it on the last one table.

The question I have been asked several times if it was worth the trip. My answer is: if you are going to drive several hours to Magnolia Market, and that is all you will do in Waco, the answer is no. Not yet, at least. There just isn’t enough there yet to justify a trip over there and back. I will be giving you some options for other things to do in the area if you are going. It is a beautiful part of Texas with some fun things to do. The couple we met in line for the restroom drove 16 hours to get there but they had several days mapped out.

We loved getting away for the day from selling a house, moving into a house, work, and everything else that is going on and I can’t wait to share with you my suggestions for other things to do in the Waco area if you are a Fixer Upper type person.

I hope you all had a great weekend. Thank you for taking the time to follow along on our journey.



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Confessions of a Neurotic Furniture Repurposer

Here is the deal. I am selling stuff that won’t work in our new house. Most of what I am selling is at garage sale prices. I have heard from some of my blogger friends that I need to stop selling my painted work so cheap, but I do what I do for fun. One of the pieces I sold super cheap was a chalkboard painted armoire. It has been around the block a time or three. My plan was to turn the inside into my craft closet but it hadn’t happened yet when the big move started to commence. The outside of the cabinet was cute. I loved the vintage hardware spay painted silver, the funky moulding that hubby put on the front of the doors and the whole vibe of the piece.

chalkboard painted armoire
I sold it to a youngster who is getting married for her new home. I laid awake the night it sold thinking about how ugly the inside looked.  It was just not finished.
The next morning when I should have been packing I actually untaped my craft box, dug out fabric, batting, wire, my staple gun and got busy while hubby was making a trip to the storage unit. On one side of the door I always saw a picture/idea hanger side and a white board/bulletin board side.
While hubby was gone I cut the fabric stapled the batting to the door and got busy with the fabric. In my haste to finish when I should have been packing, I turned the stapler around backwards. I actually managed to staple my tummy.

Yep. I stapled my very own body with a staple gun. It hurt! Hubby doesn’t know so don’t tell him, please! I applied antibiotic cream then got back to work.

When Hubby got home he was impressed with my effort and attached the white board and cork board to the other side with no complaint. He even went to get a can of spray paint for me while he was out.  I spray painted the inside ( it could use another coat but it almost looks good).

It is not exactly my vision, but it is closer.

Here is the inside of the cabinet.

IMG_2591 craft cabinet

I really am pretty neurotic when it comes to my furniture. But, isn’t admitting you have a problem the first step? Those of you who want to show your husbands/ significant other that it could be worse, you could be like me, feel free to show him/ her this post. They will be thankful that you are not as far out the crazy scale as you could be.