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Making a Functional Coffee Table Fun!

We made a mad dash up to the lake Sunday morning. Two weeks away was more than we could stand, especially knowing it would be another two weeks because we are going to see our sweet daughter, The Southern Belle and her Fiancee, Big Cat. I had a project I wnted to wrap up and it turned out even better than I hoped. On our trip to Facelift Furniture in College Station, I ran across a sad old drop leaf coffee table for $14.00 at the local Goodwill. It was solid wood but was scratched up, and in general just looked abused. I am betting it did some time in a college apartment, poor thing.



I decided it would fit the bill at our “near the lake house”, Star Hill. We have a coffee table that works great most of the time but it doesn’t work for puzzles and playing board games. It will also make a great kid table when our adopted grand kids come to visit. Lawrence likes to sit on the vintage box at the coffee table to draw and play with stickers.

I decided to make this functional table fun! I wanted something that would make a statement when friends enter Star Hill. We have kept the colors at the house very patriotic. Denim curtains, red ticking upholstery, and milk glass are all part of the decor. Even the seasonal decor sticks to reds, whites and shades of blue. I decided to paint the top of this table Behr sailboat blue in a satin finish and leave the legs varnished.


First I sanded the top down.



Here is the blue painted with no glaze. It is vibrant!

The only tricky part of the painting was the hinged area. I glazed it all with a brown glaze mix that I used recently on the credenza. It is amazing how different it looks on the blue paint. It looks weathered and almost sun bleached. I wanted it to look weathered and worn so friends wouldn’t be afraid to put their feet up. I am really liking Minwax Finishing Wax on my finished pieces. It is petroleum based and you have to wax in a ventilated area, but I love the luster and adding coats makes the piece shine. This was a quick project that really got a Big Bang for the buck. One sample sized container of paint and a $14.00 table were all that I had to pay for. Come visit us at Star Hill soon and put your feet up. There is always room for a friend in our home. Our blue coffee table will welcome you when you enter.


You can see how vibrant the color is outside. I am crazy about this color.




Here she is inside Star Hill.


Set up for board games. Our twin nephews will be sad it is not Last Word!


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