Happy Texas Independence Day

Today I had the opportunity to take a group of students to  Austin, Texas to visit The University of Texas.


They really were happy to be there… I promise.  They just seem to have this thing about not smiling!

Today also happens to be the anniversary of the date that Texas declared their independence from Mexico.  Yeah March 2!  It struck me as we walked around the campus that this was a quintessentially Texas day.  I hope you enjoy the  photos of one proud Texan.


The Texas Flag.  It was breezy today so they were beautiful.  Love the lone star.


The state flower, the bluebonnet, was already starting to show up on roadsides and in flower beds.  I love a state where spring comes in February!


This shot covers a lot of Texana.  Longhorns, cowboys, live oak trees, and wagons.


Horses.  Okay, I know that they are not real, but real horses would have had a rough time with the crowds in Austin today.

Texas Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders.  Texas wouldnt be Texas without cheerleaders and…


and football.


The state capital.  I love visiting this building.


And Buc-EE’S.  It wouldn’t be a trip across Texas without a stop in Buc-EE’s.

Happy March 2nd!