An Update

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Well hello there. What in the world are you doing still hanging around? The past year has been a real world wind. I will never say anything bad about my job. I love it, a lot. As I wind down to retirement one year from now though my job has been busy.

The demands for the job have meant that I haven’t had much time to do any creative work. That will be changing.

So, here is a quick update on life as a weekend country girl.

  • We are expecting granddaughter number two in mid June. Sweet Amanda and Baby Boy are going to be giving Lucy a sister and we are thrilled. I am getting busy on nursery preparations finally. The sweet girl may not have everything finished before her arrival.
  • The Southern Belle and Joe have left the city that they love and have moved to Denton, Texas for work. I now have all of my kids living in a four hour drive. I am thrilled and will be filling you in on that quirky town soon. They have bought a house and it is going to get a mini makeover before they move in this month.
  • We bought an RV. We have taken it out on the maiden voyage and love it. We have plans for a lot of trips in the future.
  • This week we will start an exterior makeover of our house. I am so excited! We are getting an enlarged front porch, a carport, and exterior paint on the bricks.

I hope you are all doing well. I promise that I will be doing a better job of keeping you up to date from now on.

Thanks for hanging in there. I appreciate you all more than you know.



A Fixer Upper Trip

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Hello guys.  Have you missed me as much as I have missed you, and sleep, and a clean house?  We are almost moved out of the burbs and into our forever home.  Just a few more trips I hope.  Monday night I sat on the porch and cried because my long-suffering husband asked me what to do with a box of spray paint.  I am so over it when it comes to moving that I am not even rational any longer.    In the near future I am going to tell about our experience downsizing, but not tonight because I couldn’t be a lady about it right now.

On this night, oh my gosh, do I have news for you all.  I promised you a while back I would fill you in on our trip to the Waco area and things to do when you visit and I am going to fill you in, BUT IT GETS EVEN BETTER AT THE END.

First of all, the map below shows you where Waco is in relation to Austin, Belton, Salado, and Round Top (east of Austin).

Waco to Austin

Austin, the undisputed hippest city in in Texas, is an hour and a half away from Waco.  I am not going to fill you in on Austin tonight, but if you are making a visit to Magnolia Market part of a vacation, make sure to include Austin in your trip.

On my last post I shared with you that  we recently visited Magnolia Market (The Silos) and Waco.  One question I got asked over and over again was:  was it worth the drive.  As a huge fan of JoAnna’s style, I loved the market, but the drive for us from Coldspring was over three hours there and the same back.  I enjoyed shopping in the market and had a great day, but in order to make the trip really worth while, our next trip will be a weekend adventure.  (We will drive up Thursday night, then spend Friday and Saturday exploring and head home Sunday.) wait for it friends, it is going to be good at the end. ( Skip to the end here if you want my super cool news first.)

Here is what I thought our future trip was going to include:

Thursday I thought we would be staying at a bed and breakfast- There are two I was interested in:


  • Breakfast at the B and B then off to
  • Magnolia Market  which opens at 10:00 but we will try to get there about 9:30.  We should finish at Magnolia Market by 11:30- just in time for lunch at one of the food trucks conveniently located.
  • Harp Design Co because I want to see the shop where all those amazing tables and benches come out of and hopefully I will find something I can’t live without.  The Harps have a whole list of Waco favorites.  The two that caught my eye are Lula Jane’s if you are driving in for breakfast and Club Sandwich if you are looking for a fun food truck lunch.
  • The Findery.  How did I miss this one the first time?  It is for sure going on my list next visit.

The Findery - Waco, TX, United States

  • Junque in the Trunk Waco- I could only find a Facebook page, but with 70K follwers, they must be doing pretty well.

Junque in the Trunk - Waco, TX, United States

I have a feeling the guys would rather hang out at one of the restaurants or diners on LaSalle while we shop.

  • Head on to McGregor, Texas.  The Magnolia House and the Carraige house just on the show is there and it is worth a visit.


Another fun place to visit is Megregor General Store.


I got this cool sign there.


  • Friday evening will be up for grabs.  Lake Waco looks beautiful.


We will head out to Salado, Texas.  I love this place so much that we visit every chance we get.  Here is a blog post I wrote about that cool little town a few years ago.

Sunday we will head home slowly.  Eating Kolaches, stopping at fun shops, and enjoying central Texas.

Okay.  Here is the big news. (It is big news to me anyway!) After I already started this post and was all set on going back, I saw on Country Living that two houses that were on Fixer Upper are now rentals in addition to Magnolia Home.  One of them was my absolute favorite from season 1.  The Gorman Story.  On a whim I decided to look it up just to see if we could rent it and guess what?  They had an opening in October Friday and Saturday night.  I am so excited to get to check it out, spend time with my sweet family in the home, and visit Waco again in the fall.  Woo Hoo.

We are going to get to take Lucy, Sweet Amanda, Baby Boy, The Southern Belle, Big Cat, and our buddies The Social Planner and Larry on the trip with us.  It will be fun.  I have a feeling the guys will find something other than shopping to do all day Saturday, but we are going to enjoy our trip.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my posts.  I love hearing from you,



Vacation Home Nursery Solution


My friend Kandy and her husband have a home in Gruene, Texas. That is another city I love in Texas. Floating down the river, eating at the Grist Mill, and enjoying music at Gruene Hall. One day soon we need to visit that wonderful town.
gruene texas


When you are at that age when your babies are getting married and having children vacation homes are tricky. Heck, home-homes are tricky. Babies come with stuff these days. Lots of stuff. They also need a quiet place to rest while the house is full of guests and rooms are all being used. With the monitors out now the family can be in a separate part of the house keeping tabs on the little man while he sleeps.

Kandy, who was a great teacher, has always had an amazing sense of style and skill in art and design. She can paint, sew, and has the ability to take a bunch of mismatched items at the last minute and make a vignette or arrangement look like it was planned for weeks.

When a grandson came into her life recently she knew she needed to find a space in her Gruene home for him. Her solution; a 5.5 ft by 4.5 ft closet got turned into a “Man Cave” for her little man, Bodie.

One of the things I like best about Kandy’s design aesthetic is her color choice. She is fearless when it comes to choosing to put colors together. She is not afraid to use dark colors in her rooms. Her vacation home bedrooms are painted intellectual gray, which is a medium warm gray. I like that she painted the closets the same color as the bedrooms.


So, here is Bodie’s Man Cave. Kandy used a chalkboard paint pen to write on the wall. Brilliant. Mr. Bodie may have to give up his digs one day to a little brother, sister, or cousin. It will wash off when and if the room changes names…or becomes a closet again.


Brodies man cave

Brodies man cave2

I love the indirect light of the star, the sweet sign Kandy made, and the family photos.
Brodies man cave4

Brodies man cave8
Kandy also kept the closet shelves and rod in place by using fabric to cover the round clothes rod. Creative.
Brodies man cave7

Brodies man cave10
Can you tell that Kandy was a reading teacher? I am thrilled to see books already in his little space waiting to be read.

Brodies man cave9

Brodies man cave5

Brodies man cave6

Brodies man cave3

What great friends Kandy has. She got that sweet blanket and one of those frames from them.

Seeing this “room” made me think about how I use the space at my little lake house.

I am going to show you another project Kandy thought up this week, too.

I hope you have a wonderful week.



Happy Texas Independence Day

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Today I had the opportunity to take a group of students to  Austin, Texas to visit The University of Texas.


They really were happy to be there… I promise.  They just seem to have this thing about not smiling!

Today also happens to be the anniversary of the date that Texas declared their independence from Mexico.  Yeah March 2!  It struck me as we walked around the campus that this was a quintessentially Texas day.  I hope you enjoy the  photos of one proud Texan.


The Texas Flag.  It was breezy today so they were beautiful.  Love the lone star.


The state flower, the bluebonnet, was already starting to show up on roadsides and in flower beds.  I love a state where spring comes in February!


This shot covers a lot of Texana.  Longhorns, cowboys, live oak trees, and wagons.


Horses.  Okay, I know that they are not real, but real horses would have had a rough time with the crowds in Austin today.

Texas Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders.  Texas wouldnt be Texas without cheerleaders and…


and football.


The state capital.  I love visiting this building.


And Buc-EE’S.  It wouldn’t be a trip across Texas without a stop in Buc-EE’s.

Happy March 2nd!