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The Big Project Begins

I have mentioned several times that we have cleared out the Garagemahal for a big project. Well this past Saturday we moved in all the pieces. It took several pickup truck loads to get it all moved in.


I am going to paint an entertainment center, display cabinet and two end tables for my buddy, the social planner and her sweet husband, Larry. You see who is sweating on this unload and who is taking photos. This furniture is heavy.



I am also going to be painting my china cabinet that will go in the office the same color.

Everything is going to be painted in a treatment that Mandie at Altar’d calls oatmeal. Behr Powdered Snow and a tobacco colored glaze. I will have photos of the progress but right now almost everything is primed. The garage is full of drawers, cabinet doors, cabinets, end tables and shelves.

Every wall is covered in plastic and ready for the sprayer.

Hubby bought a respirator! So proud he is taking care of himself.