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Our First Attempt at Raised Bed Gardening

This year we put in two raised beds for vegetable gardens.  What a great year in our part of Texas to decide it was time to grow some veggies!

We bought two kits for the beds.  They were simple to assemble.

Hubby picked up a truck load of garden soil.  That part was not so easy.  We do not have a gate in our back yard big enough for the truck to get in so that meant lots of wheelbarrow loads to the backyard.

Here are the plants and bed the day it got planted.
Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash, basil, oregano, okra and dill.
raised bed garden


garden plants

Here is our garden today. We get a couple of squash a day at least one zuchinni and jalapeño pepper daily, and all the herbs I can use. The cucumbers are coming along and so far we have gotten two tomatoes.

This is proof anyone can grow a garden. Even a super busy couple. The hot wire stays off most the time but our rescue, Lumi, would not stop digging in the garden until it got installed. It only took one day for her to Lear to leave it alone.







We enjoyed salmon and grilled veggies from our garden tonight on the back porch.



Life is good.

I hope you have had a wonderful week.