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The Breakfast Room

Moving is not for sissies. I have decided it is not for old folk either! Right now I look like I have been fighting. I have a cut on my arm, a bruise on the other arm, and both shins are dinged up. I have dropped boxes, run into furniture, and in general made a mess of myself.

new home



The good news is that all this pain is paying off. We are starting to see rooms come together. The breakfast room is taking shape. The light was terrible this morning but I was excited to show what is done so far. Better photos to come.

IMG_3099 IMG_3102

The picture above the pie safe is a fruit drawing I did in junior high. The artwork is terrible, but It has all the right colors and will be fun to put in the room.

The pie safe that my great, great grandfather made for his wife as a wedding present is now filled with my grandmother’s china thanks to my sister in law.

The green-legged table is now in place. I have to do some work to get the electrical cords put away and add my treasures to the top.


My yellow chairs are in place along with the antique oak table that we bought 25 years ago. I have a plan for the wall above the green-legged table, but everything else is a clean slate. I need my old neighbor Shahana to come over and help me with the top of the pie safe!

The living room is coming together but not there yet.





I even found a place for my McCoy ceramics.