milk glass, the Southern Belle

The Trials of Crossing Louisiana at Spring Break

We loaded up the truck Saturday morning headed for North Carolina.

For those of you who watch Duck Dynasty or Swamp People, I have inserted a photograph of the Atchafalaya swamp. I got such great pictures because we were at a DEAD STOP on this 24 mile long bridge for hours Saturday.


Plenty of time to enjoy the scenery…Grrr. My family is from Louisiana, my parents still own land that was part of a land grant that has been in my family 6 generations so I feel that I can talk about this state without feeling too guilty. Louisiana truly is one of the most spectacularly beautiful, charming, quaint, incredibly frustrating places I have ever experienced. It is such a crazy quilt of old and new, rich and poor, traditional and modern, fixed and broken. The state infrastructure definitely falls in the last category; mostly broken and certainly overwhelmed at this time of the year when spring breakers are headed for Florida.. There are times when Louisiana roadways more closely resemble Texas’ southwest border neighbor more than that of the roads in a state that is part of the United States. On the other hand, the people at the rest stops and visitor’s stations are always gracious, with a smile, clean restrooms and a cup of coffee to offer. I had the opportunity to visit 4 of them in my day long crawl across the state. I never thought I would be happy to see Mississippi but man, it was great to finally turn north toward Alabama. We are spending the night in Mobile instead of our goal of Birmingham, but tomorrow we get to see The Southern Belle, Big Cat, and little Maeby! Yippee.