The Cast of Characters

Welcome to the weekend country girl.  If you have taken the time to look at pages, I hope that means you are interested in the cast of characters that are a part of my life and heart.

Mr. Math and Me

This dude.  This God-fearing, patient, and super talented guy has been my husband since 1982.  We met in college and I could not be any happier to share life with him.  While he is the one with skills, I am the think-it-upper and the dreamer.  I often ask “What if we do this…” and am the one who brings color to the projects we do.  We make a good team.


The Family

SmithsonWoodFamily.jpgWell, this is us.  Our son in law. daughter, daughter in law, the grands, and our son.  We are blessed.  You will hear about them a lot.

This year we were thrilled to welcome a new member to the family.  Miss Charlotte Elizabeth.  Our daughter, The Southern Belle and her hubby are such good parents.  They live in North Carolina so we miss them terribly.



The Parents.  Yes, I am lucky enough to still have my parents around.


The Pets

Lumi, our seven year old dog and Chloe our seventeen year old cat pretend like they do not like each other, but I have proof that they can get along when they are both misbehaving.