The Lovebirds

My youngest child, Baby Boy, married Sweet Amanda July of 2012. Baby Boy and Sweet Amanda are living overseas. They are missionaries working with college students. Baby Boy is our thrill seeker. His birthday present was a GoPro, so should be posting pictures of their adventures. He will eat just about anything spicy, loves good coffee, and gnomes. Sweet Amanda has a vintage, rustic style, she loves tea, decorating, thrift shopping, and is a closet girly-girl. Their wedding was beautiful. Sweet Amanda planned and organized the whole thing.

Our last family photo before they took off.

Photos of their new apartment will be coming soon.







Dressed up to go to Jersey Boys. Don’t you love the way she adds color to the white walls with bright furniture?

IMG_1410 IMG_1411 IMG_1413

Tiger Oak Dresser

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