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Epoxy Day

We love two part epoxy at Star Hill. My family is so in love with that stuff that Baby Boy put it on his gift registry…no lie. The thing about epoxy is that it is really only good for one use in my experience. We try to group up our epoxy projects so that we don’t waste the stuff. Hubby was sick over the weekend so I called in reinforcements. My friends Larry and Tanis came over and helped me with project number three. At the resale shops I collected old plates that had coordinating colors and used candlesticks as spacers to make tiered pedestals for the wedding. Using epoxy is messy. The more you use the stuff the better you get but plan on getting it on you even if you have used it before. Tanis wanted to make an address block for their new property. I had two fix stuff projects as well as the crafty projects. 

Here are the basics to two part epoxy.  It comes in a container that has two syringes stuck together and both of them squirt out stuff when you push the plunger.  It is not a one person job for me.  I would end up glued to a wall if I tried it alone. 

This is the stuff we use.  It is great.
Sweet Amanda and Baby Boy are going to have a dessert table at the reception and I wanted to make her some tiered pedestals for the desserts made from vintage china plates.  I got the idea from the blog DIY or Dont!
Epoxy will seriously stick anything to anything so it was perfect for attaching glass to glass.
My friends Larry and Tanis worked on getting everything together for the project.  Larry was assigned to be chief gluer.  I bet he was sorry that Hubby was out of commission.  They were working on an address stone for their property. 
When all was said and done we fixed my broken pedestal, added a ceramic knob to a paper towel holder, made two pedestals, and fixed a broken chair.
Epoxy takes a long time to fully dry so be patient.  Leave it alone overnight then it will be stuck forever.
I wish I had better pictures of the finished projects but they turned out great.

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