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Using a Map to Redo a Chair

I believe in eating dessert first so I am going to show you my favorite project of the weekend.  I have had an old chair in my garage at the city house and then in the Garagemahal for years.  A family friend, Homer, who I loved, gave this to me years ago so that I had an old chair to put a potted plant into.  Homer was a crafter like nobody’s business.  He turned barrels into tables, had cowboy boot table legs, used tractor seats for bar stools.  I loved going to Homer and Juanita’s house.  I miss them both.

I never did get around to cutting a hole in the chair to put a plant into the seat and I am really glad.  I have seen a ton of stuff recently on Pinterest where a map was Mod Podged onto something.  I thought that this would be the perfect project for the chair.  Of course I had to use a Texas map we got at the visitor center for the map and I made sure that Coldspring was prominently displayed.  Here is the project:

The first step was easy.  Remove the worn out seat from the chair.  Screws were in the bottom.  I did it by myself.

The next step started out easy.  Remove the veneer from the seat.  A lot of it was already loose or gone.
It got too hard for me at the end so Hubby had to chisel it off.
Next sanded it all then I painted everything with one coat of paint  I used paint left over from the Lovebirds’ furniture.  Valspar- Rapids
I painted the chair frame with two coats of paint.
I loved the color.

Next, I laid the seat on top of the map and moved it around until I had a good location.  I wanted to put all places we have lived on the seat, but no luck.  I could not get Dimmit and Beeville to play nice so they both had to go.  That was it for the day.

This morning I got up early and got busy.

I cut out the map and then I Mod Podged the map to the seat.  It brought back a lot of memories for me and my Social Planner who was a weekend guest.  Did you guys Mod Podge when you were kids too?  I used a plastic putty knife to smooth it out as I went along.  It was easier than I remembered.  My Social Planner thought I should call this post Crafting with Coffee.

After I  finished the seat.  I decided to rough up the chair.  I took some sand paper and removed paint where it stuck out or where normal wear and tear would occur.

Here she is all put together!  Love it. This is going to make a great craft chair.

At the craft corner.
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  1. Congratulations on a wonderful DIY! I love the colour you chose for the chair and the map detail on the seat – great job! By the way, I’m stopping over via the link party at Skip to my Lou

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