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Gates in the Country

Before we knew there would be two weddings and a foundation, I was thinking hard that we need a gate at Star Hill. Not just a gate mind you, because gates in the country say something about you. A gate is a social status out in the woods. I love to drive by a great gate and wonder about the people who live there. I do not have a picture of my favorite gate because it is out in the country and we were too busy to drive out there this past weekend.  It says The Double Nickle and has a big 55 on it.  I wonder… was someone 55 when they built the place, is it 55 acres, has it been in the family since 1855? I wonder about things like that.

Here are some of my favorite gates near Star Hill.  I wonder about these folks too.

 I always feel like we are there when we get to this gate.  It is so wooded that I wonder what is behind the gate.
Is there a mansion or a shack back in those woods?
The West Mansion  Solar powered key less entry.  Fancy.
A beautiful old homestead in Point Blank, four miles from Star Hill.
This is a real deal gate.  I love the longhorns eating on the driveway.  Family Established 1845.
Hubby honked to make the longhorn look at me but I was too nervous to get closer.

This horse ranch is on a hill near Cape Royale.  Gorgeous.  No lazy people live here.

See the tree man behind this artistic gate?

I love the landscaping around the gate. 
This gate is not used often. I hope the gate at Star Hill never looks like this.

This is probably what our gate will look like, just plain old metal, because that is who we are, but I can dream… right?

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