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Decorating for Christmas

This year the Carolina kids are coming to Texas for Christmas.  That definitely puts me in a Christmas spirit.
I have been house bound and slow moving with an eye infection but I have managed to get the inside mostly decorated. This year I decided that I would use turquoise, teal, aqua colors and silver.  The colors make the house seem more calm.  I really need that right now.
Even though the kids are coming for Christmas, we are not spending the holiday at home, so I wanted everything I got out to be easy to put away.
I made a lot of the decorations this fall which was fun. I reused ginger jar vases from the lovebirds’ wedding,  I used pages from a garage sale find- an old torn up hymnal for several items.

It was my goal to reuse as much as possible from around the house. Tarnished silver candlesticks from the yellow and grey bedroom, burlap from the wedding, bulletin board from the garage, chalkboards will be used in The Charlotte Wedding.

The Den

 The tree from upstairs.

 I am 5’9″.  Here is the tree with me taking the picture looking up at it from a standing position.

Every year since 1983 my husband has purchased a Precious Moments ornament for me.  He even found a 1982 our first Christmas together ornament so that I have one from every year we have been married.  I love getting them out and putting them on the tree.

 I bought $20.00 worth of silver and teal ornaments this year.  I have spread them through all the rooms.

 The mantle is mostly completed.  The S is cardboard, with sheets of music glued on with watered down glue.  The canvas is a salvaged bulletin board wrapped with fabric. 

The ginger jar vase is covered with dictionary pages adhered with watered down glue.


 Not through with the mantle because I want to add garland to the letters.  When I attached them to the twine the first time I got them backwards.

Each letter is stenciled on a page from the hymnal that has a joyful song.

The Farmhouse Table

 I already had everything on the table except the clear glass plates.  They were $1.00 each at Target.

 I have collected crystal globes for years.  They are so pretty on the rustic table.

I found these chargers in my buffet.  I don’t even remember having them, but they were perfect.

The Dining Room

 I loved using the chalkboards that will be used at the June wedding.


 I repurposed this wreath.  It used to have mauve poinsettias.  Remember mauve?

I even added a wreath to the mudroom bench.  I found this one at a resale shop for at dollar then ripped all the ugly off.  The silver ribbon looks great on it.

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