Hubby’s View on Plants

I have just finished three days working on the yard at the city house with the love of my life, aka Mr. Grumpy because he was stuck at the city house on the weekend. I discovered something about this farm boy.

I have come to the conclusion that he categorizes plants into the following categories:
Food– any plant that produces food. This is a a good plant.
Trees- Trees grow pretty much without any care and produce shade. This is a good plant.
Bulb– Pioneers carried bulbs in their covered wagons, you can still see them sprouting where torn down homes once stood. They do not require any love and still look good. It is possible to mow over them and not kill them. This is a good plant.
Weed– Any plant that is not one of the above. These are bad plants and must be removed.

In full disclosure I told the love of my life I was going to write this. He smirked. Our back yard is now mostly bark mulch with crepe myrtles (tree), bulbs (bulb) and rocks scattered about. He even asked if he could take out the rose bush that I rooted from his family farm site. Roses, even those with a family connection, are not food, trees, or bulbs, so they must be a weed. Apparently I love weeds.

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