The City House

Easter Weekend

We will be leaving for Star Hill in the morning.  YIPPEE!  It has been three weeks since this weekend country girl got a chance to go to the country.  My goals for the weekend:

  • Enjoy family coming up to visit us.
  • Cook steaks and sit outside to enjoy the spring weather on the deck!
  • Unplug the electronics
  • Get organized for work at my new job  Monday.
  • Visit my friend’s new house.  It is almost finished 4 miles from the lake house.
  • Spray paint the leggy-ornate table for Tara and get it  glazed.
  • Completely finish the floating shelves for my nephew. He has been very patient!
  • Paint the side tables for our bedroom then poly it.
  • Go to church in our sweet little Coldspring church.
  • REST

I will report in on Monday afternoon.  Have a great holiday.

Outside at Star Hill

Wish you were here.




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