A cheerful friend is like a sunny day spreading brightness all around.” – John Lubcock ( English Astronomer )

I have been thinking about friendship a lot lately. I think I must be lonely right now in this transition period of my life. I love my new job, but I miss the close friendships that I developed in my last position. Everyone is so nice here, but I am not at the point that I have people who know my kids, my husband, or even really me. The last time we moved cities I still had kids living at home. The parents of my kids’ friends became our friends. We went to church with them, played ball together etc. It is different when you are an empty nester making new friends in a new community.
My buddy, Tanis is also going through a transition. She is making friends on the country road where the Ranchito is and still keeping up with her city friends. She is amazing!

Recently I have had an opportunity to view both my daughter and daughter-in-law’s friends and friendships up close and personal. What I observed with both of my babies has made this mom feel blessed to know that my children have adopted the philosophy that friends are just family you get to choose.
Sweet Amanda had her closest buddies at Star Hill last weekend. When these girls get a chance to gather they act like they just saw each other the day before. They don’t miss a beat. These girls are really there for each other. One of the young ladies,Yliana brought her wedding invitations with her. She is getting married this June and needed help assembling the invitations and addressing them in calligraphy.

The girls had worked all day on their chairs, it was hot and they were tired but every one of them enthusiastically joined in on getting the invitations done. I think they went back to the tree house and worked all night getting them finished up after they were done at Star Hill.

wedding invitations 2 wedding invitations

That is just the type friends that Baby Boy and Sweet Amanda have. They will drop everything to help each other out. They are blessed.
Sweet Amanda is making a ton of new friends at U of H.


The Southern Belle (TSB) has moved to five different cities in five different states since she moved out of our home and off to college. She has a close group of friends that have been her buddies since the first year of college.

Many of them live close to her now and they do get to see each other from time to time. This year one of her best buds, Ashley went with her to Boston. It was on my daughter’s “Before I turn 30 Bucket List” to run in the Boston Marathon. Big Cat, TSB’s fiancee, could not go with our girl because he is a tax accountant and April 15 seems to be a pretty big deal with tax accounts. Ashley went along with her for moral support and I think just to spend some time with TSB. They shared quite an adventure during that very frightening weekend and I was so glad that TSB was not alone. Ashley was there at the start of the race, cheered her on, then met her at the finish. We will always be grateful that she was not alone during this stressful event and we look forward to seeing all the buddies at the big event.

Ashley took this picture of The Southern Belle at mile 16.

Both the kiddos have worked at making friends where they live. One of TSB’s new friends is singing at her wedding!

Once again I have a lot to learn from these amazing people who call me mom. I really am going to work hard on rebuilding my life long friendships and also making new friends in my new job.

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