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Installing a Glass Tile Backsplash

My sweet neighbors just finished a kitchen remodel.  They got new custom cabinets, opened up a wall that totally cut the space off and got granite counter tops.  The last step was to install a glass  tile backsplash.  I love the glass tile that they chose.

Hubby Gives Directions

Hubby gave directions to our neighbor.  First they installed concrete backer board. You can now buy glass tile in one foot square tiles.  They are so easy to put up.

measuring for tile

The kitchen is not huge, but it has a ton of outlets.  Cutting around those were the hardest part.

Glass tile IMG_1602

Here are the tiles installed. No grout yet.


I love how our neighbor used his work hard hat with a headlight to see where to grout under the cabinets.


You know the tile is ready to buff when this film develops.  Get a damp sponge and a soft cloth and get busy.  Rub, rinse, repeat.

gray grout

I love the gray grout our neighbors chose!  The kitchen looks great.






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