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Chevron Painted Bench

We have had a coffee table bouncing around our house for years.  Hubby bought it years ago at an auction for $5.00.  He intended to turn it into a bench in our bathroom, but I found a vanity bench I liked better.  It moved into The Southern Belle’s room when she was a teen, then upstairs into the man room.  When we moved into the new house it didn’t have a home, but I wanted a bench for the front bedroom.  Ta Dah!  It finally gets to be a bench.  Here it is underway.  No photos before we got started.  Once again I got too excited to stop forward progress for pictures.  Sorry.IMG_3225

Hubby is getting pretty handy at cutting tables down.  He even made pocket holes for screws without a jig on this project!  ( If you know what I am talking about you are impressed…if not, never mind.)

We saved everything.  The top he cut off will be a shelf that is going to hold Hubby’s dad’s flag and a photo of him in his uniform.

The drawer is going to be a shadow box.

The drawer never worked right.  We found out why.  There was a five pound counter-weight on the drawer that was out of place.  It is steel and will be used somewhere.

I have wanted to have something chevron.  This was the perfect project.  It is a small space and should have been easy, right.  Wrong.  Mr. Math aka Hubby, had to step in and figure out the dimensions.  I used contact shelf liner for the stripes.  It was my plan to dry brush the paint on so I did not think the paint would run.  Fortunately I was right.  The light colored wood is the vinyl contact paper.

IMG_3239 IMG_3246

The paint is a an oops color.  Surprisingly it was the exact color of the lamp I just spray painted.  Yay.

painted lamp4

The photos do not do the color justice.  Look at the last picture for a true reflection of the color.  It also matched the color of the greenish tone in the fabric I bought for the front room.  Perfect.

I dry brushed the paint on, let it mostly dry, then peeled off the contact.



It turned out great.  Here is the result.  Love it.  I still need to put a coat of poly on it so that the seat will be able to hold up to suitcases and bottoms on the top.





Here is a sneak peek at the front bedroom.  Not finished yet, but already better.




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