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Reclaimed Wood Table

We are getting ready for a trip across the country to see our kids in the Carolinas.  About a month ago I got an email from my daughter asking if we could make a table and media console for two of her buddies.  It just so happened that we had a pile of reclaimed wood hanging out in our garage and even more in a burn pile that I was itching to save.  (Mr. Math made me get rid of a lot of wood as part of the big move😟.  It was awesome to go down to the burn pile and drag some back out!)

I was excited because what my daughter’s buddies wanted could be done with our wood. 

Today, I get to show you the reclaimed wood entry hall table.

The only instructions I got from The Southern Belle’s buddy were in this email:   ”  I’ve been dreaming of a long, narrow table for in our front hallway for a while now. I don’t have anything super particular in mind but it needs to be pretty skinny (maybe ballpark 8″ deep?) and long (4′ – could go longer but not too much shorter) and I like the open style (no cabinets).”

She also shared photos of her Atlanta home so we could see where it would be located.

Corey's House

Corey's hallway

After sharing some Pinterest pictures with her of tables I could see that she likes reclaimed wood and a little industrial.  Mr. Math and I drew up a plan to make a table that looked like it had been used in a warehouse or workspace. I wanted the wood to be irregular, gouged, warped and darkened with age. The used cedar boards were perfect for the project.

It took us some trial and error.  The first redition was too tall and narrow.  It had to come all apart again and get cut down four inches.  We also added a ten inch board to the top of the eight inch board.  I stained the cedar with a mix of walnut and a lighter color called natural.  The color unified the wood, and aged the wood. 


Sanded but I stained 


Stain on the wood. 


The stain did not eliminate the wood grain and knots from the wood.  I was worried. 
We glued the top down then attached it with screws.  Clamps held it all in place while the glue dried.   We used a satin poly on the piece. 

   I love the nail holes and irregular thickness of the wood.   


I will post pictures when this is delivered.  

Thanks for following along with us.

Have a wonderful day.



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